Successful cooperation of projects B1 & B7 of the CRC 1316

Setting up µs-pulsed plasma source in liquids at FHI, Berlin

In the framework of the cooperation between the projects B1 and B7 of the CRC 1316, the whole setup for µs-pulsed plasmas in liquids was transferred from Bochum to the FHI in Berlin. Afterwards, from February 17th until February 21st, 2020, PhD student Katharina Grosse from project B7 visited the group of Prof. Roldan Cuenya in Berlin to set up the experiment with the local PhD student Philipp Grosse from project B1. The cooperation between these projects should unravel the question, whether and how catalytic surfaces used for electrochemistry can be recovered by discharge treatment inside the electrolyte. With the move of the experiment from Bochum to Berlin and preliminary measurements, the first step is completed to investigate the influence of the plasma generated in-liquid species on the catalysts.

Katharina Grosse, project B7 of the CRC 1316