MGK Colloquium

Virtual MGK colloqium 2022

With the start of the second funding period, all PhD students of the projects within the CRC 1316 were invited to participate in the annually MGK colloquium. The colloquium was held online at 7th and 8th of March 2022 and was organized by Maximilian Klich (project A8) and David Schulenberg (project A4).

The colloquium served as an introduction of the many new PhDs joining the CRC 1316 in its second funding period. Without the participation of project leaders it achieved a casual atmosphere for sharing scientific knowledge and interests between the PhD students. Here, they could introduce themselves and their projects as well as give a short summary about their projects achievements and future plans through talks or a poster presentation. Leading the talks regarding the different research topics modelling, DBD/RF discharges and plasma in liquids were the invited speakers which generated a well rounded experience.

The new funding period also required a few elections, namely the position of the PhD speaker formerly held by Maximilian Klich, as well as a position in the CRC 1316 gender board held by Lars Schücke (project A7) and Katharina Grosse (project B7). The newly elected PhD speaker is David Schulenberg and Stefanie Bogenrieder (project B4) as well as Lukas Forschner (project B12) are the new gender board representative.

Sascha Chur, project B2 of the CRC 1316