Chair of Experimental Physics II receives multiple honours at Faculty celebration

The Physics and Astronomy Department's Faculty Celebration is held annually. Here the graduates of the last year are honored. The ceremony if organized by the different chairs of the department. This year, the chair of Experimental Physics II with the Plasma Interface Physics group had the privilege of hosting the event. The celebration was on October 21st 2022 in the large lecture hall of the Department of Physics. This is a good opportunity to introduce the research field and to present the current research topics.

The event was moderated by Maike Kai and Philipp Maaß. Prof. Dr. Achim von Keudell and Prof. Judith Golda presented their research and some plasma physics experiments.

As a highlight, Dr. Katharina Laake (born Grosse) from the B7 project of the CRC 1316 gave a very descriptive and target group-oriented lecture (as award lecture for receiving the dissertation prize of the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation) on the topic "Temporal Evolution of Nanosecond Pulsed Plasmas in Water". The award was presented to her during the event by the Dean of Studies of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Heiko Krabbe.

Afterwards, the lecturers of the faculty were honored. Here, Prof. Dr. Judith Golda received the lecturer award of the student council. The award is given to the most popular lecturer of the last year among the students.

Finally, PD Dr. Tsanko Tsankov from project A2 of CRC 1316 received his habilitation certificate. He accepted his habilitation entitled "Kinetics of Non-Equilibrium Plasmas" at the faculty on November 21st. Congratulations to all!