GEC in Japan was a success for CRC 1316 students  

Bachelor's student Arisa Bodnar from the Ruhr University won the Student Poster Award at this year's APS Gaseous Electronics Conference in Sendai, Japan, with her contribution "Improving the decomposition of polluted air streams using additional metal plates in a dielectric double-surface discharge system with multiple electrodes." In this poster contribution, Arisa investigates surface dielectric barrier discharges (sDBD) that are used to decompose volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from industrial exhaust gases (e.g., chemical plants).

Furthermore, PhD student Tobias Gergs from the Ruhr University Bochum won the GEC Student Award for Excellence at the GEC in Sendai, Japan, with his contribution "Dynamic surface surrogate model trained on atomistic data of AlN sputter depositions".

Sebastian Wilczek, project A5 of the CRC 1316