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B8: Non-thermal plasma-driven biocatalysis

Principal Investigators: J. Bandow


Bandow, Julia
(Principal Investigator)

Schubert, Britta

Krewing, Marco

Dirks, Tim


ImageConventional and plasma catalysis require a careful design of the catalyst and the composition of the species to be converted. This project explores a new concept to combine plasmas and biocatalysis.



  • Yayci Abdulkadir
    Plasma-driven biocatalysis (PhD thesis) - 07/2020
  • Cindy Juric
    Identification of peroxidases in environmental samples for plasma-driven biocatalysis (BA) - 06/2018
  • Tristan Hoffmann
    Plasma stability of the copper-zinc superoxide dismutase of Escherichia coli (BA) - 08/2018
  • Nathalie Gibas
    Identification and characterisation of peroxidases for plasma-driven biocatalysis (MA) - 09/2018
  • Sabrina Klopsch
    Undisclosed title (BA) - 09/2019
  • Tim Dirks
    Untersuchung der plasma-induzierten Aktivierung von Hsp33 aus Escherichia coli (MA) - 09/2019
  • Marco Krewing
    Impact of low-temperature plasmas on microorganisms and biomolecules (PhD thesis) - 07/2019
  • Tim Dirks
    Biocatalysis (PhD thesis) - ongoing
  • Freya Jockenhövel
    The chaperedoxin CnoX and its plasma-induced activation (BA) - 09/2020
  • Ivan Bobkov
    Effects of pre-adaptation and mutagenesis on the susceptibility of Escherichia coli to cold atmospheric plasma (BA) - 10/2020
  • Tim Dirks
    Investigation of the plasma-induced activation of Escherichia coli Hsp33 (BA) - 07/2017

Further reading

  • The role of VUV radiation in the inactivation of bacteria with an atmospheric pressure plasma jet,
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    Plasma Process. Polym. 9, 561-568 (2012)
  • Inactivation of microbes and macromolecules by atmosphericpressure plasma jets,
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    Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 98, 6205-13 (2014)

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