Students' project week 2021

After a break of two years, the students’ project week took place in person at Ruhr University again. In cooperation with the zdi Netzwerk, students grade 8 and 9 could participate in either “World of Plasmas” and “Physics in Medicine” during the first week of the autumn break. During the project week, students gained an insight into different laboratories and could work on a small research project using different diagnostics and apertures to present their findings in a poster session at the end of the week. Next to the research projects, the students visited the Planetarium Bochum, attended a lecture by Prof. Hildebrandt on the weight of the universe and had a session with alumni to ask questions on possible career paths with a degree in physics. The week ended with a common outdoor pizza lunch. The next project week will take place during the first week of the Easter holiday 2022, offering three workshops to girls in grade 8, 9 and 10.