Career orientation

Student internship in plasma physics

From 31.01. to 04.02. a student of grade Q1 visited us to complete his one-week internship in the context of the school's career orientation. A student internship offers students interested in the field of physics the opportunity to learn more about the field of plasma physics, to gain first experimental laboratory experiences, to get to know the university and its teaching formats better and to further develop their own interests in physics.

During the week, there is 1:1 supervision by undergraduates, graduate students, and research assistants. This week we worked on the sputter coater and evaluated samples obtained from there using a profilometer and transmission measurements and graphing the results using different software. In addition, we looked at the plasma with optical emission spectroscopy to identify different species in the plasma. In addition, Tim was able to look at the different laboratories at the chair and thus get to know several projects of the SFB first hand. Furthermore, he attended two lectures for bachelor students.

During the internship, there are also opportunities for students to solder, work with simulations and analyze data computer-assisted, and get a tour of the campus, depending on their main interests.