Career orientation

Student internship in plasma physics

From 31.01. to 04.02. a student of grade Q1 visited us to complete his one-week internship in the context of the school's career orientation. A student internship offers students interested in the field of physics the opportunity to learn more about the field of plasma physics, to gain first experimental laboratory experiences, to get to know the university and its teaching formats better and to further develop their own interests in physics.

During the week, there is 1:1 supervision by undergraduates, graduate students, and research assistants. This week we worked on the sputter coater and evaluated samples obtained from there using a profilometer and transmission measurements and graphing the results using different software. In addition, we looked at the plasma with optical emission spectroscopy to identify different species in the plasma. In addition, Tim was able to look at the different laboratories at the chair and thus get to know several projects of the SFB first hand. Furthermore, he attended two lectures for bachelor students.

During the internship, there are also opportunities for students to solder, work with simulations and analyze data computer-assisted, and get a tour of the campus, depending on their main interests.



You can follow us on twitter via @RDPlasma. Here, you find recent news from the CRC including various activities around plasma research on the campus.


Students' project week 2021

After a break of two years, the students’ project week took place in person at Ruhr University again. In cooperation with the zdi Netzwerk, students grade 8 and 9 could participate in either “World of Plasmas” and “Physics in Medicine” during the first week of the autumn break. During the project week, students gained an insight into different laboratories and could work on a small research project using different diagnostics and apertures to present their findings in a poster session at the end of the week. Next to the research projects, the students visited the Planetarium Bochum, attended a lecture by Prof. Hildebrandt on the weight of the universe and had a session with alumni to ask questions on possible career paths with a degree in physics. The week ended with a common outdoor pizza lunch. The next project week will take place during the first week of the Easter holiday 2022, offering three workshops to girls in grade 8, 9 and 10.


Students' project week during autumn break 2021

After a break of more than a year, the students' project week may take place again this autumn break from 11th to 15th October. A week full of exciting activities awaits students in grades 8 and 9 in the three projects "Physics in Medicine", "The House of the Future" and "The World of Plasmas". During the project week, participants will have the opportunity to conduct their own research, visit laboratories, interact with scientists and take part in the physics duel - the final event of the project week.

Plasma Science for Engineers

Plasma workshop at Bo.Ing 2020

The SFB-TR 87 and CRC 1316 joined the workshop program of the Bo.Ing 2020. At the Bochum engineering forum "BO.Ing", pupils are given an insight into the engineering sciences in workshops, laboratory tours and discussion groups. The event is organised by the zdi network IST.Bochum.NRW and is implemented in cooperation with universities from Bochum and the surrounding cities. Sixteen pupils attended a hands-on workshop and learned the basic ideas about plasma and its application by performing their very own experiments.


Public Talk on Plasma in Liquids in the Blue Square

Prof. von Keudell presented an evening talk October 2019 on plasmas in liquids from eletrolysis to plasma medicine in the series "Neue Fenster zum Universum" in the Blue Square in downtown Bochum.

Public Outreach

Schülerinnenprojektwoche 2019

From October 14th to October 18th, the Schülerinnenprojektwoche, a 5-day workshop for girls attending grades 8 to 10, took place at the Ruhr-University. In collaboration with the zdi-Netzwerk IST.Bochum, three workshops were offered during the week.

This year’s projects discussed plasma physics, astronomy and sustainable building for the future. 10 pupils participated in the plasma project "Welt der Plasmen". Under the guidance of students and research assistants, the pupils learned about what a plasma is, where to find it in nature and how plasmas can be used for industrial applications. The process of sputtering for coating applications was demonstrated and investigated using a mobile sputtering chamber. The pupils analysed the coatings by microscopy and measurements of their optical transmission and electrical conductivity. Furthermore, they had the chance to coat a small object they brought from home. Next to jewellery, shells and coins, even a hard disk was coated. Next to the workshops, the students had the chance to ask students about their experiences at the Ruhr-University, attend a lecture on experimental physics, visit two labs and visit the show "Die Wunder des Kosmos" at the Zeiss-Planetarium in Bochum. At the end of the week, each group presented their achievements and results on posters which were presented during a poster session, followed by a quiz and pizza.

Public outreach

Summer Campus 2019

Between July 15th and July 17th, 2019, the Summer Campus took place at Ruhr-University Bochum. At the Summer Campus, pupils who are interested in a university education visit RUB during the summer holidays. The Summer Campus is the right place for pupils who are not yet sure about their subject to study or who want to know more details about the courses in their field of interest. The pupils can visit a large range of faculties and student services. Furthermore, they can expand their skills and interests by attending various workshops. Here, the research group of Prof. Awakowicz offered a hands on experience with the title Exciting Plasma Technology - Microwave Reactor, Double-ICP and more. Finally, pupils can interact with their future peers and teachers.

Public outreach

29.08.2018 - Blue Square of Ruhr-Universität celebrates its 5 year anniversary

On September 15th, 2018, the Blue Square in Bochum celebrates its 5 year anniversary. At 11:30 the opening of the event starts with an official presentation of the heads of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Afterwards, scientific experiments for children and adults are presented on the different levels of the Blue Square. Furthermore, oral presentations are shown. Especially, Prof. Achim von Keudell holds a presentation about Plasmas supporting energy storage. This presentation starts at 14:30 on level 3 of the Blue Square.

Plasmas may play a central role for the energy revolution. The vision of scientists is to build a small plasma system, which can be developed at the foot of a wind turbine producing so-called solar fuels. Find out how exactly that could look like.

  • More informations can be found in the program.