Prof. Dr. Quan-Zhi Zhang

Prof. Dr. Quan-Zhi Zhang from Dalian University of Technology in China joined the CRC 1316 as new Mercator Fellow. He is very experienced in Particle-in-cell/Monte Carlo collision (PIC/MCC) algorithms, and the simulations of plasma and plasma-surface interactions, for various applications. His research activities include the heating mechanisms and electron kinetics in dc/rf, pulse modulated, dual-frequency (EAE) capacitively coupled plasma; cryogenic plasma etching of porous materials; the propagation mechanism of plasma streamer in Dielectric Barrier Discharge, structure catalysts (like honeycomb) at atmospheric pressure.


Prof. Dr. Satoshi Hamaguchi

Prof. Dr. Satoshi Hamaguchis research focus on plasma-material interactions in general, including their industrial applications. The aim of research is to understand fundamental mechanics of plasma-material interactions under various conditions. To achieve this, we combine plasma/beam experiments with numerical simulation/modeling. More specifically our current research topics include 1) etching, deposition, and surface modification processes for micro/nano electronics device manufacturing, 2) surface modification and functionalization of biomaterials by plasmas, 3) processing of water and biological systems by atmospheric-pressure plasmas mainly for applications in plasma medicine and plasma agriculture, and 4) dynamics and chemical reactions in plasmas under various conditions, including atmospheric-pressure plasmas.

Prof. Dr. Hamaguchi is also coordinator of the JSPS core-to-core program "Establishment of the Center for Collaborative Research in Data-Driven Plasma Science " that connects Osaka university with Ruhr University Bochum, and the universities in Bologna, Aix-Marseille, and York. In the framework of this program the sending side covers international airfare and the receiving side covers maintenance and the domestic travel costs. The hosting side covers the cost of holding the seminars.

Mercator Fellow

Dr. Zoltán Donkó

Scientific advisor
Department of Complex Fluids
Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics,
Wigner Research Centre for Physics
Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Zoltán Donkó has been collaborating with RUB for ten years, the joint work is marked by 47 publications that appeared in leading international journals. His recent work focuses on the kinetic simulations of high-pressure low-temperature discharges in helium and its mixtures with various gases, which directly contributes to the project A4 (Process control in micro atmospheric pressure RF plasma jets by voltage waveform tailoring and customised boundary surfaces) and will be of relevance to other projects of SFB 1316. His additional contributions are teaching basics of low temperature plasma science and numerical simulation techniques to researchers and students involved in the SFB, as well as acting as external research mentor of students at RUB.

Mercator Fellow

Prof. Dr.-ing Katharina Stapelmann

Prof. Dr. Stapelmann studies the interactions of technical plasmas with biological systems on a macromolecular level. Her focus is on the characterization and optimization of plasma discharges used for biomedical applications and the understanding and improvement of plasmas used e.g. in medicine. The applications range from wound healing to air purification, sterilization of medical instruments as well as for planetary protection purposes. Furthermore, plasma-liquid interactions and plasma discharges in liquids belong to the repertoire.

Prof. Stapelmann cooperates with the AEPT group regarding barrier discharges

Long Term Cooperations in the Framework of Mercator Fellowships

Fellowships enable intensive, long-term project-based collaboration between researchers from both domestic and foreign institutions. Although Mercator Fellows are on-site for only part of the project, they remain in contact with the project team members once their research stay is over. Foreign Mercator Fellowship holders are awarded the title of Mercator Fellows in recognition of their dedication.

Mercator Fellow

Prof. Dr. Svetlana Starikovskaia joins the CRC 1316

Prof. Dr. Svetlana Starikovskaia form the LPP lab at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris joined the CRC 1316 as new Mercator Fellow. She is an expert in low temperature plasma, pulsed nanosecond discharges, kinetics of chemically active nonequilibrium media, energy distribution in the discharge, excitation of internal degrees of freedom, combustion initiation and support by nonequilibrium plasma.