Publications of the CRC 1316

  • (A4) Electron heating mode transitions in radio-frequency driven micro atmospheric pressure plasma jets in He/O2: A fluid dynamics approach
    Liu, Yue; Korolov, Ihor; Hemke, Torben; Bischoff, Lena; Hübner, Gerrit; Schulze, Julian; Mussenbrock, Thomas
    J. Phys. D (accepted)
  • (A5) Deposition of oxygenated hydrocarbons in a packed-bed plasma reactor during the oxidation of toluene: Influence of applied voltage
    M. Zaka-ul-Islam, M. D. Y. Ottef, X. Tu, J. Schulze
    J. Phys. D, accepted
  • (A5) Positive and negative streamer propagation in volume dielectric barrier discharges with planar and porous electrodes
    Q. Z. Zhang, L. Zhang, D. Z. Yang, J. Schulze, Y. N. Wang, A. Bogaerts
    Plasma Processes and Polymers accepted
  • (A4) Electron transport parameters in CO2: a comparison of two experimental systems and measured data
    M. Vass, E. Egüz, A. Chachereau, P. Hartmann, I. Korolov, A. Hösl, D. Bosnjakovi, S. Dujko, Z. Donk, C. Franck
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 54 035202 (2021)
  • (B8) Protection strategies for biocatalytic proteins under plasma treatment
    A. Yayci, T. Dirks, F. Kogelheide, M. Alcalde, F. Hollmann, P. Awakowicz, J. E. Bandow
    J. Physics D: Applied Physics 54, 035204 (2021)
  • (A4, A5) Observational study of simultaneous positive and negative streamer propagation of a twin surface dielectric barrier discharge via 2d PIC simulations
    Q.Z. Zhang, R.T. Nugyen-Smith, F. Beckfeld, Y. Liu, T. Mussenbrock, P. Awakowicz, J. Schulze
    PSST accepted
  • (A3) Determining Chemical Reaction Systems in Plasma Catalytic Conversion of Hydrocarbons using Genetic Algorithms
    D. Reiser, A. von Keudell, T. Urbanietz
    Plasma Chemistry Plasma Processing (accepted)
  • (A4, B2) Atomic oxygen generation in atmospheric pressure RF plasma jets driven by tailored voltage waveforms in mixtures
    I Korolov, D Steuer, L Bischoff, G Hübner, Y Liu, V Schulz-von der Gathen, M Böke, T Mussenbrock, J Schulze
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 54, 125203 (2021)
  • (A4, B2) Micro atmospheric pressure plasma jets excited in He/O2 by voltage waveform tailoring: A study based on a numerical hybrid model and experiments
    Yue Liu, Ihor Korolov, Jan Trieschmann, David Steuer, Volker Schulz-von der Gathen, Marc Böke, Lena Bischoff, Gerrit Hübner, Julian Schulze, and Thomas Mussenbrock
    Plasma Source. Sci. Technology, (accepted)
  • (A3, B2) Dedicated setup to isolate plasma catalysis mechanisms
    C. Stewig, T. Urbanietz, L. Chauvet, M. Böke, A. von Keudell
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 54, 134005 (2021)
  • (A3, B2) Oxygen removal from a hydrocarbon containing gas stream by plasma catalysis
    T. Urbanietz, C. Stewig, M. Böke, A. von Keudell
    Plasma Chemistry Plasma Processing 41, 619 (2021)
  • (B5) Formation and behaviour of plasma spots on the surface of titanium film
    Patrick Hermanns, Friederike Kogelheide, Vera Bracht, Stefan Ries, Florian Krüger, Simon Böddeker, Nikita Bibinov and Peter Awakowicz
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 54, 085203 (2021)
  • (B5) Investigation of the frequency dependent spatio-temporal dynamics and controllability of microdischarges in unipolar pulsed plasma electrolytic oxidation
    Patrick Hermanns, Simon Boeddeker, Vera Bracht, Nikita Bibinov, Guido Grundmeier and Peter Awakowicz
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 54, 045205 (2021)
  • (A7) Catalyst‐enhanced plasma oxidation of n‐butane over α‐MnO2 in a temperature‐controlled twin surface dielectric barrier discharge reactor
    N. Peters, L. Schücke, K. Ollegott, C. Oberste-Beulmann, P. Awakowicz, M. Muhler
    Plasma Processes and Polymers 2021, 000127
  • (A1) Electric field measurements in a He:N2nanosecond pulsed discharge with sub-ns time resolution
    Lepikhin N., Luggenhölscher D., Czarnetzki U.
    J. Phys D 54, 055201 (2021)

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