Publications of the CRC

  • (A4) Electron swarm parameters in C2H2, C2H4 and C2H6: measurements and kinetic calculations
    N. Pinhao, D. Loffhagen, M. Vass, P. Hartmann, I. Korolov, S. Dujko, D. Bosnjakovic, Z. Donko
    Plasma Sources Science and Technol (accepted)
  • (B4) Controlled-Atmosphere Flame Fusion Growth of Nickel Poly-oriented Spherical Single Crystals – Unravelling Decades of Impossibility
    D. Esau, F. M. Schütt, K. L. Vavaris, J. Björk, T. Jacob, G. Jerkiewicz
    Electrocatalysis 11, 1-13 (2020)
  • (B4) Simulations of the Oxidation and Degradation of Platinum Electrocatalysts
    B. Kirchhoff, L. Braunwarth, C.K. Jung, H. Jonsson, D. Fantauzzi, T. Jacob
    Small 16, 1905159 (2020)
  • (B8) Plasma-driven Biocatalysis
    J. Bandow, A. Yayci, M. Krewing, R. Kourist, A. Gomez Baraibar
    International patent WO 2020/007576 A1, 09.01.2020
  • (B8) Plasma-driven in situ production of hydrogen peroxide for biocatalysis
    A. Yayci, A. Baraibar, M. Krewing, E. Fernandez Fueyo, F. Hollmann, M. Alcalde, R. Kourist, J. Bandow
    ChemSusChem (2020) accepted
  • (A6) Modular constructed metal-grid arrays - an alternative to silicon-based microplasma devices for catalytic applications
    S. Dzikowski, R. Michaud, H. Boettner, R. Dussart, M. Boeke, V. Schulz-von der Gathen
    Plasma Sources Science and Technology (2020) (accepted)
  • (A4, B2) Helium metastable species generation in atmospheric pressure RF plasma jets driven by tailored voltage waveforms in mixtures of He and N2
    Korolov, I.; Leimkühler, M.; Boeke, M.; Donko, Z.; Schulz-von der Gathen, V.; Bischoff, L.; Hübner, G.; Hartmann, P.; Gans, T.; Liu, Y.; Mussenbrock, T.; Schulze, J.
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2020) accepted
  • (B2) Comparison of electron heating and energy loss mechanisms in an RF plasma jet operated in argon and helium
    Golda, Judith; Held, Julian; Schulz-von der Gathen, Volker
    Plasma Sources Sci Technol 29 (2020) 025014
  • (B7) Chemistry in Nanosecond plasmas in water
    L. Chauvet, C. Nenbangkaeo, K. Grosse, A. von Keudell
    Plasma Processes and Polymers 201900192 (20019)
  • (A3) Excitation and dissociation of CO2 heavily diluted in noble gas atmospheric pressure plasmas
    C. Stewig, S. Schüttler, T. Urbanietz, M. Böke, A. von Keudell
    J. Phys D 2020, accepted

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