CRC 1316 Transient Atmospheric Plasmas: From Plasmas to Liquids To Solids

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B11: Rational tuning of plasma and liquid chemistry for biocatalysis

Principal Investigators: J. Bandow, J. Golda, A. Gibson


Bandow, Julia
(Principal Investigator)

Gibson, Andrew
(Principal Investigator)

Golda, Judith
(Principal Investigator)

Klopsch, Sabrina

Schüttler, Steffen

Jeß, Emanuel

Schöne, Anna Lena

Boeddinghaus, Lara



Plasma-driven biocatalysis seeks to use plasma-produced reactive species, such as hydrogen peroxide, as reactants for the enzymatic conversion of substrates into valuable products. A key to achieving industrial use of this approach is to produce reactants in sufficient amounts and with high energy efficiency. The aim of this project is to develop a rational scheme for tuning the plasma-biocatalysis system by combining expertise and insight from experimental plasma and liquid diagnostics, numerical plasma and liquid chemistry simulations and biotechnology. In addition to characterising rates and mechanisms of hydrogen peroxide generation, the formation of unwanted plasma species that are toxic to enzymes will be monitored under different plasma operating conditions. On the basis of simulation and experiment, new strategies will be developed to increase the biocatalytic yield.


  • Validation of in situ diagnostics for the detection of OH and H2O2 in liquids treated by a humid atmospheric pressure plasma jet
    S Schüttler, L Jolmes, E Jeß, K Tschulik, J Golda
    Plasma. Process Polym. 2023, e2300079
  • State enhanced actinometry in the COST microplasma jet
    D Steuer, H van Impel, A R Gibson, V Schulz-von der Gathen, M Böke, J Golda
    Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 31, 10LT01 (2022)
  • RF-driven atmospheric-pressure capillary plasma jet in a He/O2 gas mixture: Multi-diagnostic approach to energy transport
    T Winzer, D Steuer, S Schüttler, N Blosczyk, J Benedikt, J Golda
    Journal of Applied Physics 132, 183301 (2022)


  • Emanuel Jeß, Bachelor thesis - 03/2021
    Diagnostics of plasma-produced hydrogen peroxide in liquids
  • Steffen Schüttler, PhD thesis - ongoing
    Energy transport in atmospheric pressure plasmas interacting with fluids
  • Maike Kai, Master thesis - 04/2023
    Diagnostics of plasma chemistry in atmospheric pressure plasmas operated in humid feed gas
  • Océane Michels, Bachelor thesis - 10/2022
    Undisclosed title
  • Lara Boeddinghaus, Bachelor thesis - 03/2023
    Diagnostic of excitation dynamics in an atmospheric pressure plasma jet using phase resolved optical emission spectroscopy
  • Anna Lena Schöne, PhD thesis - ongoing
    Simulation of plasma and liquid chemistry for applications in biocatalysis
  • Jannis Kaufmann, Bachelor thesis - 09/2023
    Diagnostik von plasmaerzeugten Stickstoff- und Sauerstoffspezies in Flüssigkeiten
  • Sabrina Klopsch, PhD thesis - ongoing

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