WE Heraeus Seminar "Non thermal plasmas for sustainable chemistry"

The SFB 1316 was involved in the organization of the 785 WE Heraeus Seminar "Non thermal plasmas for sustainable chemistry" that was held in Bad Honnef 22.4.-27.4.2023. The meeting was organized by Yiguang Yu (Princeton), Tomo Nozaki (Tokyo Tech), Annemie Bogaerts (U Antwerp), and A. von Keudell (RUB, SFB 1316). The SFB 1316 contributed with two invited presentations and 6 posters. The seminar with 80 attendees provided a broad overview on the field and critical discusssions about the challenges and potential of plasma methods for sustainable chemistry. 


Visit of Prof. Katsuyuki Takahashi

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Katsuyuki Takahashi (Iwate University, Japan) visited the Chair for Atomic and Plasma Physics (Prof. U. Czarnetzki).

During his stay Prof. Takahashi visited the laboratories of many groups at RUB that are working within the CRC 1316. In a seminar talk Prof. Takahashi presented the various research topics that are covered by his group and the group of Prof. Koichi Takaki (Iwate University). These include pulsed non-thermal plasmas for enviromental and agricultural applications among others. The overlap in many of the topics could provide fruitful grounds for future collaborations between the Ruhr University Bochum and the Iwate University.


DPG spring meeting

At the annually DPG (German Physical Society) meeting, the plasma groups from RUB campus had many contributions during this event. At least eleven oral presentations including one invited talk as well as eleven poster presentations were given by CRC 1316 members.






CRC meetings

Internal exchange in Ulm

From 1.3. to 3.3. the CRC 316 meeting took place in Ulm. Besides the scientific exchange about transient atmospheric pressure plasma, an electrochemistry workshop was held at the University of Ulm. In addition, experts from other fields were invited.

Thanks to Angela Bayler from centrotherm international AG, Luca Vialetto from Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, and Peter Hartmann from Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Budapest.



Research Data Management

2nd Workshop on FAIR data in Plasma Science

We are happy to announce the second workshop on research data management in Plasma Science. NP, CAU and RUB are now organizing the 2nd Workshop on FAIR Data in Plasma Science, which will take place from May 3-4, 2023 at the Event Center at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, see also 

The workshop is aimed at researchers at different stages for exchange on the topic of data management. Topics of the workshop are electronic lab journals, practical questions in the daily handling of research data management systems as well as the presentation of already established solutions. In addition, an interactive part is planned, which will deal with the question of how to get standards into the laboratory. Here, all participants are invited to contribute their ideas and your practical expertise.



Martin Muhler receives Alwin Mittasch Award 2023

Prof. Dr. Martin Muhler was awarded the Alwin Mittasch Prize 2023 for his "fundamental contributions to the cross-scale understanding of the mode of action of catalyst materials in chemical reactions for future-oriented technologies". This award is given to researchers for outstanding achievements in the field of catalyst research by German Society for Catalysis. The award will be handed over in Weimar on March 16, 2023.

Prof. Dr. Martin Muhler holds the Chair of Technical Chemistry at Ruhr-Universität and is a board member of SFB 1316, PI in project A7 "Plasma catalysis for conversion of volatile organic compounds (VOC)", as well as a member of the MGK.

Company visit

Visit of the company Plasmatreat

The lecture "Introduction to plasma physics II" and Bachelor, Master and PhD students of the chair EP2 and the group Plasma Interface Physics visited the company Plasmatreat in Steinhagen near Bielefeld. The company excels in the production of atmospheric pressure plasma jets for polymer functionalization.



 Kick-off event of the Science Year 2023

On Saturday, 11.02.2023, the kick-off event of the Science Year 2023 "Our Universe" took place. The SFB 1316 was represented with a booth at the Zeiss Planetarium Bochum.

Besides live experiments, there was a varied program with a plasma quiz, coloring pictures and slide show. As live experiments, the plasma sphere and plasma mass were presented as hands-on experiments, and the plasma speaker and COST jet were shown for demonstration. Here, the new portable COST-Jet could be used for the first time outside the university. Thanks to its construction on a plate with gas supply, generator and holders for optical fibre and spectrometer, another experiment and authentic diagnostics from the laboratory can now be shown at events.

A big thank you to the many helping hands and all interested people who visited us!


Henrik van Impel‘s outstanding Bachelor thesis

Congratulations to Henrik van Impel, who won the student award of Ruhr University Bochum with his bachelor thesis "Diagnostics of atomic oxygen in a micro-cavity plasma reactor". He received his certificate during the yearly celebration of the University hosted by the Rector of the University.

In his bachelor thesis, Mr. van Impel used actinometry to investigate the formation of atomic oxygen in a plasma array reactor. With his finding, he made an important contribution to project A6 in CRC 1316.


Continuous exchange between Bochum and GREMI laboratory  

The DAAD exchange program (part of a PROCOPE project) between Prof. Judith Golda from Ruhr University Bochum and Prof. Claire Douat from GREMI allowed several exchange visits between both groups.The exchange focuses on the study of the role of CO in the treatment of biological substrates.

Cold atmospheric pressure plasmas could provide a well-controlled local source of small-dose CO that can be directly guided to the treatment zone. The aim of the project is to investigate the production pathways and the role of the CO molecule during the plasma treatment of biological material. Possible synergism of CO and plasma produced species such as electric fields, ions and electrons, photons and other neutral radicals are analysed.

In detail, several exchange visits from both labs were realized. In July, Jun.-Prof. Judith Golda, Dr. Laura Chauvet and Daniel Henze from the CRC 1316 were guests in the laboratory of Prof. Claire Douat at the GREMI in Orléans. In a joint measurement campaign, two different atmospheric pressure plasma jets were being tested. They measured the production of CO at different operating conditions with a gas analyser.

In October, directly after the Plasma School in Bad Honneff, Eloise Mestre visited the PIP group. The second measurement campaign focused on the measurement of plasma produced CO in a kHz jet source using mass spectrometry.

Finally, Jun.-Prof. Judith Golda and Dr. Sebastian Burhenn stayed in the laboratory of Prof. Claire Douat at the GREMI in Orléans for a joint research campaign in November again. This time, the work was focused on the measurement of plasma-produced carbon monoxide affecting human hemoglobin.

Judith Golda, project A6, B2 and B11 of the CRC 1316

Plasmas for renewable energies

Achim von Keudell gave a lecture on "Plamas for renewable energies" in the popular lecture series "Saturday morning physics" of the faculty for physics and astronomy on the 10th December 2022. He highlighted the various research topics of the CRC 1316.